Luxury Student Housing – South Bend, Indiana

Since 2005 CES Property Management has been offering off-campus luxury student housing in South Bend, Indiana. Our mission is to provide quality property management services to our renters as well as professional and reliable service to our property owners.

CES Property Management has over 30 years real estate experience and fills a need for top of the line luxury student housing. Safe, convenient, clean and reasonably priced, high quality serious student environment; close locations to campus and superior local property management for daily rental issues.

We serve owners of high-end luxury town homes as a trusted company to manage their property in a way that minimizes the worries of having fully rented units with reliable renters: we provide the owners with the security of knowing we will always serve their best interest in a professional manner while securing them top income, protecting their property, and preserving value in ways that will increase property investment and income potential.

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