Dublin Village FAQ

Q 1: How big are the units and how many bedrooms do they have?
A 1: There are 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units and 4 bedroom deluxe units:

2BR: 1,300 sq ft, 2.5 bathrooms; $775/BR/month
3BR: 1,745 sq ft, 3.5 bathrooms; $700/BR/month
4BR: 1,745 sq ft, 3.5 bathrooms; $675/BR/month
4BR deluxe: 2,065 sq ft, 3.5 bathrooms; $750/BR/month

Q 2: Is there a garage and if so, is it attached?
A 2: Yes, all units have attached automatic garages that can fit up to 2 cars.

Q 3: Is there parking other than the garages?
A 3: Yes, there is parking on both sides of every street and along the curb in the alley ways behind the garages.

Q 4: Do the units come furnished? If so, with what?
A 4: Each unit is furnished individually by the owners with luxury home-like furniture, meaning no plain bulk furniture! The units have couches, tables, chairs, bar stools, TV, balcony, and many have an easy-start fireplace. Rooms have a bed, night stand, dresser, closet, and many with ceiling fans. Laundry room too!

Q 5: How many units are occupied by students?
A 5: Currently, of the 54 units at DV, about 75% of tenants are students and the units are built to foster a sense of community.

Q 6: What restaurants and other stores are close to Dublin Village?
A 6: There is a 24-hr Marathon, 24-hr Wal-Mart, Perkins, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Belmont Beverage & a lot more!

Q 7: My friends living in University Edge, Irish Flats and Irish Row say they hear everything their neighbors say, is this true?
A 7: Irish Flats and Irish Row are built like dorms or hotels, sharing hallways and neighboring units are separated by only one standard layer of wall, whereas Dublin Village units have firewalls between each unit making it very difficult to hear anything coming from your neighbors, other than extremely loud music.

Q 8: A few of my friends living off-campus have had their cars or houses broken into. Is Dublin Village safer?
A 8: While any unit can be targeted on a given occasion, Dublin Village is considered by many as one of the safest places to live and has security to keep the tenants safe, not to bust parties or get anyone in trouble!

Q 9: What utilities, if any, are included?
A 9: Water, sewer, and trash pick-up are included.

Q 10: What external services are included?
A 10: Weekly trash pick-up and monthly house cleaning are included on 3 and 4 bed units.

Q 11: How far of a walk is it to campus?
A 11: It's only a 5 minute walk to the campus edge and 18 minutes to LaFortune Student Center.

Q 12: Is there Transpo SWEEP access?
A 12: Yes, it is 1 of only 3 housing complexes that has regular Transpo SWEEP access.

Q 13: Are there any application fees or other up-front fees?
A 13: No, there are no fees prior to the first month's rent and utility costs.

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