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Online Payment Options for ALL tenants.  Auto Pay to be set for the 1st of each month ONLY, which is credited as an ON-Time payment

Online payments are initiated by you through our secure web payment service. If you have questions or would like assistance please do not hesitate to call our office.

Pay Online

Application Fee...... You must use the One Time payment option, Chooe "Application Fee" when choosing property.

Payments can be made by:

* ACH/E – Check.  Transaction is no charge and is secure.
* Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover with a 3.5% convenience fee.
Once you click the PAY ONLINE button above, you will be directed to our pay online site. There you must enter your name and account information. As well you will need to complete the form to identify you to the address you live. 
Benefits are well worth the effort. You will now be able to track your payments, scheduled for auto pay, and have an on-going report of your payments. And of course always pay on time to avoid late fees, which start at $50 and an additional $10 per day after the 5th.
With our online pay service, you now can pay your rent monthly and no need to pool your checks with your roommates.  Should you decide to pay other than monthly, just pick the option that fits your needs.  

PLEASE schedule your auto-pay for the 1st of each month and the final payment date for the following May1st.  If just paying one time, also do so on the 1st.


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