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Irish Crossings and Wexford Place 2020/21

On our website we will start taking application for these two location on August 15 at 12:01 a.m. Mark your calendar to come back on August 15. We will take apps on a first come first serve basis. Don't forget, we will fill up within the week.

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2019/20 applications

We have started taking applications for the 2019/20 school year at Dublin Village. We will be using a first come first serve basis, providing all of your groups applications are received.

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Dublin Village... The BEST kept secret

West side and closest to campus. Only 17 minute walk and has public transportation. Lowest town home rates in the area. Up to $200 less per month verses the east side of campus.

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Dublin Village Special rate for our last 4 bedroom deluxe units for 18/19

See rates for the Deluxe 4 bedroom. Rent as a 3 bedroom and option of a 10 month lease is also available. Only for the 18/19 school year. Click on Dublin Village

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I had an excellent experience living at Dublin Village.

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