I had an excellent experience living at Dublin Village. The houses are great quality, and the area is safe (I often saw police cars doing routine patrols). My landlord, Henry, was always attentive to our needs as well. He was reachable at any time and helped out when we ran into a few routine problems. He also provided advice about taking care of the house - from improving the dishwasher to tips on keeping the pipes from freezing. We so appreciated the support.


Dublin Village was the perfect place for our senior year housing. It was close enough, 17 minute walk, that we did not have to drive or take the available public transportation. Our place was a large 4 bedroom unit town home that compared to any of the properties on the east side of campus and was $200 per month less for each of us. I would recommend you at least look at this location.

Sam - ND ‘13

Sure loved living at Dublin Village. We are so happy we took the time to explore this place. A complete town home with 3 bedrooms and spacious living areas as well as a garage. It was quiet and no worries about crime. Our landlord was quick to fix or handle any of our issues.

Tom - UND ‘13

Dublin Village is a great place to stay.


Irish Crossings was the ideal place to live during my senior year at Notre Dame. Our townhome was spacious, luxurious, and often the envy of friends. It was perfect for gatherings and truly felt like a home. The location could not have been more convenient to campus, especially during football season! The maintenance package helped free up our time on the weekends and management was always readily available to help with any issues that would arise. I would highly recommend living at Irish Crossings!

Kristen B. - University of Notre Dame '13

Wexford was an amazing choice for our senior year! Living in a fully furnished home saved us so much hassle and stress, not to mention it was a beautiful place. Location wise it was the best you could ask for. We were right next to most of our friends, Martins was essentially in our back yard, and campus was only about a short walk away. For the location, size, amenities, and condition it was by far the best deal we could find!

Meghan - UND ‘13

Wexford was an ideal living situation for me and my 3 other roomates our senior year at ND. Location was perfect; an easy walk to campus, groceries, and bars. The setup of the unit allowed for both comfortable communal living yet privacy of an individual room for sleep and study. Renting a fully furnished place made move in and move out both simple and painless. Our townhouse became the gathering place for most of our friends due to its ideal locating, size and setup. Management was easily accessible and very attentive to property needs, and quick to make any repairs regardless of how severe or minor the issue was. The Wexford standard has made apartment hunting for a new full time residence a bit difficult because of its quality, but am glad I got to spend my senior year there!

Rob P. - ND ‘13

Irish Crossings was a wonderful place to live. The town homes are spacious and come with everything you need which makes move in easy. Henry is always accessible and able to help with everything you need. I highly recommend living here.

Ally P. - ND ‘13

As a Notre Dame senior, there was no better place to live than Irish Crossings. I could get to campus on foot or by bicycle extremely quickly, there was ample parking for football Saturdays, and everything in the house worked perfectly all year long. I saved money by cooking my meals in the spacious kitchen, which features brand new appliances and plenty of counter space. Amenities like the fireplace and gas grill were invaluable. Overall, a very convenient, comfortable, and pleasant housing experience for me and my roommates.

Tom - UND ‘13

Irish crossings served as the perfect backdrop for an incredible senior year. The house itself is stunning, with its granite countertops, wood floors, and brand new appliances. Definitely the nicest place I'll live in my next few years! We loved hanging out on our deck and having people over for game watches. Lots of space for entertaining! Henry was a wonderful landlord and always took care of us promptly with care. I would highly recommend Irish crossings to anyone.

Emmy P. - ND '13